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Pete Gwozdz†††††††††††††††

††††††††††† Reminder;this is my genealogy web site.


Ancestors on the Web

††††††††††† I continue to submit my research results, names and dates, to the LDS web site.More of my stuff is available this


Gwozdz & Banas

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Baird (West)

††††††††††† Barb joined me on a business trip to New Jersey in November.We visited Topanemus Cemetery.

††††††††††† Reminder:Last year, I found on the web that John Baird was buried at Topanemus in 1755.The web has his tombstone inscription, stating that he was born in Scotland in 1665, and that he came to NJ in 1683.I have not verified all the web information, but if it is all correct, then this John Baird is Barbaraís 6-great grandfather.

††††††††††† This year, I found a microfilm of a 1904 book by Rev. Frank Symmes with a list of all the stones at Topanemus, pages 256-259.There are about 100 stones listed for Topanemus in 1904.Symmes also has, on page 436, bible notes from David Baird of Baird, NJ.Those notes look like the source of much of the web information on the immediate family of this John Baird.

††††††††††† Topanemus is now a forest, and only a couple dozen stones are still standing.John Bairdís is not one of them.I suppose it is possible the stone is lying down covered by leaves, which were thick the day we visited.

††††††††††† We did see the stone of Zebulon Baird, ďsupposedĒ per the 1904 book to be a son of John.(Barbís ancestor is said to be Andrew, brother of Zebulon.)

††††††††††† Some of the stones were apparently moved to St. Peterís Episcopal church in Freehold.We checked it out.Johnís stone is not there either.It is interesting that the stone of Zebulonís wife was moved to Freehold.

††††††††††† We spotted a village called Bairdsville.I took a picture of Barb next to a sign for Baird Road.


Iwanowicz News

††††††††††† Lots of Iwanowicz news this year, so this is a separate newsletter for Iwanowicz relatives.


Iwanowicz Review

1993:†† I started to study genealogy.

1995:†† I found the family of Antoni Iwanowicz, in microfilms for Krasnosielc, which is next to Sypniewo.It was confusing, because his children have the same names as the siblings of my grandfather.This year, I returned to the Krasnosielc microfilms.News on page 2.

1996.Gasewo microfilms.I determined that Sypniewo used to be in the parish of Gasewo.I found the marriage record of my great grandfather Franciszek Iwanowicz.13 Feb 1860.The record includes the names of his wife and all 4 parents.It says Franciszek was born 1830 in Nowa Wies.Years later, I found out that the Nowa Wies records burned during WW II.This year, I returned to the microfilms for Gasewo.News on page 2.


Pultusk Archive

††††††††††† I visited Poland this year, but only for a few days.I spent the time doing research in an archive at Pultusk.I found the marriage record of Jan Iwanowicz, brother of my grandfather.I also found birth & childhood death records for two Piszewski sisters of my grandmother.More Poland trip details are at


Stellaís Tree

††††††††††† Helen Miller found an old family tree for our motherís family.It is one-page, hand printed.Mom included a letter when she mailed this to Helen in 1989.In the letter, Mom explains that she does not remember where this tree came from.I discussed this with Helen and other members of our family, and with Bill Wesolowski.No one remembers it.Best we can figure, it was made well before 1965.We wonder if grandmother Rozalia might be the source of the information.

††††††††††† Stellaís Tree is amazing.It names several people who have been forgotten by our family.Wish I had seen this when I first started to study genealogy.

††††††††††† Page 2 has a brief tree with my results.The 3 long arrows on the far left mean that for those 3 ancestors I also have parents and some grandparents and even some of their great grandparents, not news.The two underlined names are the only new ancestor names this year (detail on page 2).

††††††††††† The boldface names are in Stellaís tree.The only error is in italics, Julianna Banasiak, who is named by Stellaís Tree as Anastazia Banash, not a big mistake for an ancestor who died in 1891.Stellaís tree correctly indicates that this was the second wife of Marcin Parzych.The children of Marcin are separated by mother.

††††††††††† Children of ancestors are listed, although the lists are incomplete.These lists are important, because they verify some of the data that I found in microfilms.

††††††††††† Some grandchildren of ancestors are listed.Some of these are new to me.I see no definite errors, although there are some misleading ambiguities between children vs grandchildren.

††††††††††† Stellaís tree mentions Piszewski uncles of Rozalia, with a cousin in Parish, NY.Has anyone ever heard of Pisiewski relatives in Parish?

††††††††††† Helen says the paper looks like the stationery that we had around the house from Michalenkoís print shop circa 1955-1965.If anyone out there has any knowledge of the story behind this document, please let me know.

††††††††††† I posted an image of Stellaís Tree at our site (not at



††††††††††††††††††††††† Jan Iwanowicz

Andrzej Godlewski†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Franciszek Iwanowicz

††††††††††††††††††††††† Maryanna Godlewska†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Stanislaw Iwanowicz


††††††††††††††††††††††† Kazimierz Pawlak†††††††† Ewa Pawlak††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††† Stella Iwanowicz Gwozdz

††††††††††††††††††††††† Rozalia Ruziecka

††††††††††††††††††††††† Jan Piszewski†††††††††††† Antoni Piszewski

††††††††††††††††††††††† Petronella Pikulska†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Rozalia Piszewska

††††††††††††††††††††††† Marcin Parzych††††††††† Marcyanna Parzych

††††††††††††††††††††††† Julianna Banasiak



Antoni Iwanowicz

††††††††††† Born 6 Aug 1871.I found his birth record a few years ago.He is a brother of my grandfather Stanislaw.I asked the family about Antoni;no one remembered hearing his name.

††††††††††† Stellaís Tree has him listed with the siblings of my grandfather.It is written ďAntoni (19)Ē.Iím guessing that means he died at age 19, in the year 1890.My grandfather was 12 years old at the time, so of course he would have remembered Antoni.

††††††††††† I wonder:maybe Stanislaw told his wife Rozalia about Antoni, and Rozalia dictated that information, probably around 1960, to be written onto the paper that I now call Stellaís Tree?


Antoni Iwanowicz

††††††††††† Born around 1840.Data from 1995.See Iwanowicz review, page 1, Krasnosielc.

††††††††††† This year, I found his marriage record, 10 Feb 1867.It names his parents, grandparents of my grandfather.

††††††††††† Conclusion: my grandfather had an uncle Antoni (this item) and a brother Antoni (previous item).


Maryanna Godlewska

††††††††††† See Iwanowicz review.See chart above.

††††††††††† In 1996 I located an 1805 birth record for a Maryanna Godlewska in Sypniewo.However the name Maryanna Godlewska is common, and I had no reason to expect she was born in Sypniewo.

††††††††††† This year, I found her death record in Krasnosielc:27 Feb 1868, Maryanna Iwanowicz, age 70, born in Sypniewo, maiden name Godlewski, living with her son-in-law Wawrzyniec Stancyll.(See the Stancyll item.)

††††††††††† Ages in these records are rounded off and usually exaggerated for old people, so it is reasonable to match her with that 1805 birth record, which is the only Maryanna Godlewska birth record from Sypniewo.Birth day 27 Sep.


Andrzej Godlewski & Katarzyna

††††††††††† Here are 2 new ancestor names this year, parents of Maryanna, named in the 1805 birth record.These are my 3-great grandparents.Unfortunately, their marriage record is not in Sypniewo, so I need to check other parishes to find her maiden name and the names of their parents.


Marcyanna Stancyll

††††††††††† I found the marriage record of that son-in-law mentioned in the 1868 death (Godlewska item).Wawrzyniec Stancyll married Marcyanna Iwanowicz 15 Aug 1859.Her parents are correctly named, so Marcyanna is an aunt of my grandfather.


Jan Iwanowicz

††††††††††† Reminder:If our family legend is true, Jan Iwanowicz (husband of Maryanna Godlewska) is the orphan prince.

††††††††††† Summary:See Iwanowicz review for marriage record of Janís son Franciszek.This year I found marriage records for two more of Janís children, Antoni & Marcyanna.All 3 records name the same parents;all 3 records say the children were born in the 1830ís in Nowa Wies.

††††††††††† Also this year, I found a death in Krasnosielc, 20 Sep 1846, Kasper Iwanowicz, age 2, son of Jan Iwanowicz and Maryanna.Motherís maiden name is not given, so this may not be the same couple.Kasper was not born in Krasnosielc in the 1840ís, so they must have moved into the parish.

††††††††††† It is tantalizing to speculate that this is our Jan & Maryanna, moving around.That would be good news.Maybe they are originally from yet another village that has extant records.All this time I have been studying & visiting Przystan, the estate near Nowa Wies.Guess I better start studying & visiting the Krasnosielc estate, and others.