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Pete Gwozdz      

            I registered the name “” as a web site.  I uploaded several of my old genealogy documents, as well as the new documents mentioned in this newsletter.  Help yourself.  This newsletter is there, too.


Ancestors on the Web

            The Gwozdz page at has our family tree.  Mary typed it in a few years ago.  This year, I updated it twice with all my most recent findings.  You need a password for access.

            The data that I submitted back in 1999 has been publicly available for a little over a year now, at the LDS site,  This year, it was published by LDS as part of CD #35.  You can download a copy of that 1999 data from, but you need a genealogy program to read this PAF data base.

            Among the documents available at my new Gwozdz site are copies of the family tree charts from the back of my genealogy book;  you can click to those charts from the home page.  If you do not have web access, please do not hesitate to ask me to mail you paper copies of family trees.


Gwozdz Update

            I spent a lot of time this year on the Gwozdz branch.  Lots of findings.  Page 2 of this newsletter is all Gwozdz genealogy news.


Banas & Iwanowicz

            No news this year


Crawford Update

            One new name this year.  1880 census.  Mother of Nina Ripley:  Josephine, 3-great grandmother of Holly.  This is name 31 of 32 names needed for that column in the family tree.


Pisiewski Update

            Linda Kocisak spotted my data on the web and emailed me.  From her family information, I determined that we are 3rd cousins.  Her great grandfather, Marcelli Parzych, is the uncle of my grandmother Rozalia Pisiewski.  My mother and uncles remember Marcelli as a grocer in Greenfield;  Linda mailed me a copy of his picture.


Baird (West)

            Bessie Baird is a grandmother of my wife Barbara.  Bessie’s father is Jerome.  The list of Jerome’s descendants was given to me by Barb’s family some years ago, so you probably saw it in my genealogy book.  I had no information on Jerome’s ancestors.

            Andrea Autrey Marshall contacted me by email this May.  She saw my Baird information on the web.  Marshall is a 3rd cousin of my grandchildren.  I suppose we saw each other years ago when I visited her parents, although neither of us remember.  Andrea had lots of information on Jerome Baird ancestors, which she shared with me.

            Andrea introduced me by email to other distant relatives of my wife who shared more genealogy details:  Ruth Edwards and Leonard McCown.

            I put together a document of all the information that they gave me;  it’s on the web:

            The Baird line is now documented all the way back to a John Baird born 1665 in Scotland, along with a tentative identification of his parents and grandparents.  John settled in New Jersey.

            Here is a gem:  Ezekiel Baird, grandson of John, moved to NC.  In 1790, Ezekiel build a nice house, which today is a bed and breakfast.  Barb and I will definitely try to stay there some day:

            I scanned many of the West / Baird / Shields photos from the collection of Barb’s mother Ruby.  I emailed them to Andrea.  Andrea did a great job of retouching them as needed, and posting them on her web site:


Gwozdz Name

            I wrote that web document as an expansion of the Gwozdz Notes section of my genealogy book.  I included everything I have - all you want to know about the name Gwozdz and then some.  It’s huge, and boring toward the end, so I tried to put all the interesting stuff on the first several pages.  Enjoy.



            Maryanna Kmiec, who married Maciej Gwozdz, is the mother of my grandfather Piotr.  Many years ago I found all 4 of Maryanna’s grandparents in the microfilm records.  In 2001, I found the 1803 2nd marriage of her grandfather Jozef Kmiec, but I could not find any Kmiec records before 1803.  This year I had a breakthrough:

            I noticed 2 other Kmiec marriages, which mentioned that the groom was from Luszowice.  Luszowice is a parish only 20 km SW of our Gwozdz ancestral parish of Wadowice Gorne.  I hopefully rented the Luszowice microfilms and quickly found my man Joe, along with his first wife and first child.  His parents are new names added to our family genealogy this year:  Wojciech Kmiec and Jadwiga Bielat.

            The Luszowice records start in 1686!  Unfortunately, parents are not named at marriage, so I could not put the families together into trees.  My notes are available as a huge document,, on the Kmiec clan of Luszowice.  Unfortunately, there are too many Kmiec people in Luszowice.  I could not figure out which ones are the brothers and parents of our ancestor Wojciech Kmiec.

            It’s a heart breaker!  The grandfather of Wojciech Kmiec is probably named in my notes.  There are 10 possibilities - grooms and fathers around 1700.  One of them is named Wojciech,  and one of them is named Jozef, but there is no evidence to connect them to our family.  An ID would have been the first name in my “column 7” of our Gwozdz family tree - a Kmiec 7-great grandfather of my children.

            Same with Bielat.  I could not figure out the parents of Jadwiga.


Sixth Cousins

            I proved this year that Carl Rapa is our 6th cousin.  Sixth cousins share a pair of 5-great grandparents.  We each have a 4-great grandfather named Ogorzalek.  My ancestor is Mateusz Ogorzalek.  His is Kasper Ogorzalek.  I figure they are brothers.

            I mentioned Carl in my 2001 Xmas update.  His Gwozdz ancestors are also from Wadowice Gorne.  I worked out his ancestral tree.  Our Gwozdz branches do not connect.

            I wrote a detailed report: Rapa.doc

            I also proved this year that Carol King is our 6th cousin. Our common ancestor is Blazej 1 Gula, born about 1722.  He is our common 5-great grandfather.  Blazej 1, grandfather of Blazej 2 Gula, is one of the names I added to our family tree last year.  Joe Armata connected me with Carol King, with an email 21 July this year.

            I wrote a detailed report: King.doc


Strycharz - Wach

            In last year’s newsletter, I was uncertain about Agata Strycharz.  This year, I verified her name, and also identified her parents:  Andrzej Strycharz and Agnieszka Wach.



            I had been unable to identify the parents of Maciej Sypek.  Unfortunately, there are 3 individuals born 1795 to 1801 named Maciej Sypek.  I spent a lot of time on that this year.  I was able to put together indirect evidence eliminating 2 of them, plus circumstantial evidence identifying the 3rd as our ancestor.  With that ID, I can name his father, Jan Sypek.  Maciej’s mother is Katarzyna Strycharz.  Strycharz, common in that parish, is a duplicate name in our family tree.

            With Maciej’s parents, that completes the list of all 16 great-great grandparents of my grandfather Piotr Gwozdz.  I found Maciej’s grandparents:  Andrzej & Ewa Sypek.

            This year, that’s a total of four 5-great grandparents and four 6-great grandparents added to the Gwozdz family tree.