Wadowice Gorne Vital Records

by Peter Gwozdz

Wadowice Gorne Vital Records.  An index in alphabetical order.  Web format - html.  3/4 Meg.

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Wadowice Gorne Data Base.  The same index with more data, in Excel format.  1 Meg.  If you know how to sort data using Excel, this format is convenient for research.  For example, this file has father’s name, so you can sort by father.  Or you can sort by microfilm number. Or date.  Or any combination.

Wadowice Gorne is a parish a few miles west of Mielec, Podkarpackie province, Poland.  The parish includes Wampierzow.  Before 1911, the parish also included the village of Wadowice Done, just west of Wadowice Gorne.

My interest:  my grandfather Piotr Gwozdz came from Wadowice Dolne.

Wadowice Gorne Parish.  Parish web page.

Wadowice Gorne.  Gmina (county) web page.

Wadowice Dolne / Gorne History.  (Nov 2019, this link is currently not working)  Translation from a well-known 1892 Polish Gazetteer.

Don’t get confused.  There is a larger city named Wadowice, near Katowice in south Poland.  Pope John Paul II came from that other Wadowice.

Last Name Spelling.  Excel file.  An index in alphabetical order.  As you know, spelling of Polish names is variable, with various inflections for females.  I devised a list of standard spellings (all masculine), so that my data base sorts families as groups, and sorts all records for an individual into the same group.  This file has a list of all variations of spellings and inflections of family names 1777 - 1799 Wadowice Gorne microfilms, along with my standard spelling.  Sorry if my standard is not the spelling used by your family.  Use this file to find my standard spelling for names of interest to you.

Last Name Spelling - Web Version.  Html file.  The same data.  In case you cannot use Excel.

Given Names (first names) are almost always in Latin.  Again, I use a standard Polish spelling, according to my favorite combination of reference lists.  Again, sorry if my spelling is not the one used by your ancestor.

Wadowice Gorne Vital Records: 

Listing of what I could determine is available, through 1945

“Wamp” = Wampierzow village;  “Wola” = Wola Wadowska

                               Births                               Marriages                            Deaths

Microfilms              1777-1860                        1777-1860                          1787-1860

                               1861-1870 Wamp

                                                                        1862-1883 Banns

Tarnow                   1879-1885                        1879-1885                          1879-1885

Gorne Rectory        1858-1884 no Wamp       1854-1874 Wamp               1892-1942 Wamp

                               1882-1922 Wamp            1876-1944 no Wamp          1920-1944 no Wamp

                               1923-1943 Wamp            1874-1954 Wamp

                               1885-1942 Gorne

                               1920-1949 no Wamp

Dolne Rectory        1911,1916,1917,1922

                               1925-1936                        1925-1936                          1925-1936 Wola?

                               Index 1912-1945

Gmina USC            1890-1903                        1886-1945                          1920-1945


            Also Dolne 1912 - ? not clear what type of records

            Also a testimonial book


Wadowice Gorne Microfilms: 

These films are digitized and can be viewed on computers at LDS libraries

             - at many local LDS churches.

0997493          Filmed 1974    Civil copy

            1                      Births              1811 - 1860    

            2                      Marriages        1811 - 1860

            3                      Deaths             1811 - 1860

1980467          Filmed 1995    I think a Bishop’s copy

            1-2                   Not Wadowice

            3                      Births              1777 - 1791

            4                      Births              1787 - 1825

            5                      Births              1828 - 1844

            6                      Births              1850 - 1870

            7                      Marriages        1777 - 1791

1980469          Filmed 1995    I think a Bishop’s copy

            1-12                 Not Wadowice

            13                    Marriages        1787 - 1827

            14                    Marriages        1828 - 1854

            15                    Banns              1862 - 1883

            16                    Deaths             1787 - 1827


Family Trees:  These are family trees that I worked out using the Wadowice Gorne vital records (with the help of my index).

AndrzejMorytko.pdf.  A document linked by CarolKing.pdf.

CarlRapa.pdf.  Identification of a 6th cousin, with detailed documentation.

CarolKing.pdf.  Identification of a 6th cousin, with detailed documentation.

DaveGula.pdf.  Another cousin, identified June 2016

GulaCousins.pdf.  Summary, Jan 2018, five distant cousins in the Gula tree

JozefGula.pdf.  A document linked by Carol King.Doc.

MorytkoCousins.pdf.  Feb 2018, five distant cousins in the Morytko tree

14 Nov 2006.  Origination date of this Wadowice Gorne Vital Records web folder

7 Jun 2016.  Major update

4 Nov 2019.  Major edit

12 Nov 2019.  Minor format edit

Pete2g2@comcast.net.  My email.  Pete Gwozdz.  Send me more data, if you have it, to merge.